Types Of Commercial Door Systems For Your Business

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By Reed Slidell

When you own a business establishment you will surely want the best quality items installed in it. The same thing when it comes to commercial door systems. As you know, typical residential doors is often not enough as these are not as durable as its commercial counterparts. So read on to learn about the different types of commercial or industrial doors.

These types of doors are often of higher quality because these usually undergo strict government building requirement codes. Every door of this kind also has to pass the fire protection code to ensure that it will not be a fire hazard to the establishment.

If you think that these doors are just meant to keep a room enclosed and give it an opening for people to pass through, then you are mistaken. Commercially purposed doors serve many purposes such as to help in faster delivery of items from one room to another, to divide much bigger offices, to provide a better climate controlled environment, and of course for security.

But before you simply buy any commercial door systems, there are certain things you should check first. One is that the door itself and also the location where it will be installed perfectly complies with the building code. Another is for you to better determine what type of door is ideal for that room, building, or for your purposes. And finally you should determine the daily average flow of traffic if the door of your choice can become a big hindrance of the movement of people.

So let’s get down to business and let us take a closer look at some of the types of commercial doors.

Wood doors tend to be a bit cheaper but that does not mean it is of lower quality. These doors are usually made from sheets of veneer that are wrapped around a solid composite core. The thing with this type of door is that it is often ideal to be placed indoors as these are not the perfect doors to be exposed to the elements due to moisture and changes in the weather.

If you worry too much with maintenance costs then you should go with fiberglass doors which are often more sturdy and durable than wood and metal doors. These doors often can take so much abuse that these are the preferred doors by many establishments including schools. As you know, kids can usually be quite abusive when it comes to doors.

Steel doors are the more popular types of industrial or commercial doors for mechanical rooms or areas requiring heavy-duty applications. These are also perfect for outdoor locations as these can withstand most weather conditions. Aside from that, steel doors are ideal for high security purposes.

PVC doors can be the most practical type that you can use. Practical because if you want a door that people can easily look through it first before they decide to get inside the room. This can be one of the ideal commercial door systems for restaurants, hospital operating rooms, cold rooms, and most shops and offices.

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